CR-914 Region 1 News

2013 Region 1 Regatta sign up formThe MMYC CR-914 Fleet, the Officers and Members of Marblehead Model Yacht Club cordially invite you to the 2013 CR-914 Class Region 1 Regatta. Held Sunday, June 23 (click image at right to view and save PDF form registration).

This event is roughly 2 months away from today, so please disperse this document through your local club, as there is plenty of time to register and make your plans to compete at Redds!

Also keep in mind that MMYC will host the CR-914 National Championships. An invitation will follow later (roughly around the R1 date) but please save the date for August 23-25.

MMYC News & Notes
The MMYC Schedule trucks-on. This coming weekend will bring our first scheduled race for the East-Coast 12 Meter Class @ 1pm on Saturday, and race #3 in the CR-914 Red Robin series on Sunday. Charge em up! The CR-914 has experienced a great turnout thus far this season, with 11 skippers competing this past weekend.

For up-to-date results for all completed races on MMYC's schedule through the season, please see our Facebook page.

Marblehead Class Photo Database
And in one final bit of news, we have started a photo-database of the Many, Many Marblehead Designs. This will show Many forms of the M through the years viewable on the MMYC Facebook Page. Be sure to also check out the twelve designs uploaded thus far.

Your contribution to this album is highly encouraged and appreciated. Please send those photos of Brooms, Warriors, Pinters, Bones, Spots, Skinnys, Mongoose (Mongeese?), Naskaegs, Pocohontas', Monarchs, and everything else in-between.

See you on the pond.

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