First US Made CR-914 Hull

US made CR-914 hullWell I FINALLY received the first US Made CR-914 Hull today and full production will begin tomorrow. The first hull is very, very nice and the surface finish is the best I have ever seen. The only change I had them make was to increase the hull thickness to get to my required minimum thickness which they tell me should not be a problem.

I hope to travel up to NJ on Thursday to pick up the first 100 or so hull so that I can prepare them for the Chicago boat show which starts January 24th.

I will need to cut the hatch and rudder plate opening on my CNC Router but that should not be a problem.

This has been a LONG (10 month) process but the light is finally shining at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for your patience and support to get me thru this.


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